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The Jetsons Carpet Care Team
Santa Monica, California carpet cleaning

Welcome to the cutting-edge of cleaning services, where the Jetsons Carpet Care revolution is sweeping through the coastal breeze of Santa Monica, California. In a world where pristine spaces are the hallmark of a vibrant lifestyle, Jetsons emerges as the shining star in the constellation of carpet, tile, rug, and sofa cleaning. With its meteoric rise, this family-owned enterprise has etched its name seven times over across the sun-soaked landscapes of Santa Monica, California.

Brace yourself for a turbo-charged journey through innovation, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to perfection.

Santa Monica's Cleaning Trailblazers:


Discover the unrivaled excellence of Jetsons Carpet Care – the pioneers who have woven themselves into the very fabric of Santa Monica, California's cleaning landscape. With a history steeped in delivering dazzling results, their reputation is as golden as the sunsets gracing the Santa Monica Pier.

Money Back Fiesta:


Let's face it – even the Jetsons had the occasional glitch. But fear not, as Jetsons Carpet Care boldly introduces a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If their cleaning sorcery somehow falls short of your expectations, your investment remains as safe as a lifeguard on duty at Santa Monica State Beach.

Family-Owned Magic:


In a city that thrives on the bond of community, Jetsons Carpet Care proudly wears its family-owned badge. With values woven into their operations, every cleaning session is a testament to the care and dedication of a team that considers every customer an extension of the Santa Monica, California family.

Seven-Star Satisfaction:


Jetsons doesn't just aim for five-star service; they set the bar at seven. Every cleaning endeavor is infused with a dash of magic, leaving your carpets, tiles, rugs, and sofas transformed into works of art that even the Getty Museum would envy. It's this commitment to exceeding expectations that has earned them the trust of countless Santa Monica, California residents.

Radiant as Santa Monica Sunshine:


Imagine the sparkle of the Pacific Ocean on a sunny day – that's how Jetsons leaves your surfaces. Whether it's a luxurious rug caressing your living room floor or sleek tiles in your commercial space, Jetsons' transformative touch ensures your spaces radiate the warmth of a Santa Monica sunrise.

Estimates as Free as the Ocean Breeze:


Transparency is the lighthouse that guides Jetsons' ship. With FREE estimates, you'll know the lay of the land even before they unroll their cleaning wands. No hidden surprises, just the promise of sparkling spaces that will make you the envy of every seagull in Santa Monica, California.

So, whether you're a beachside bungalow owner seeking that immaculate touch or a bustling business in need of a cleaning miracle, Jetsons Carpet Care emerges as the North Star in Santa Monica, California's firmament.

With a reputation as solid as the Santa Monica Pier, they've mastered the art of turning cleaning into an experience that leaves you starry-eyed. It's time to invite Jetsons into your space and let their cleaning cosmos work wonders!

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Image of Customer Patrick

Hollywood, CA

Patrick C.

These guys were SENSATIONAL. Really reasonably priced and Ethan was a TERRIFIC technician. Knowledgeable, kind, efficient- he cleaned a rug I thought would have to be specialty treated on the spot. I've had my rugs steam cleaned once a year for years now, this is the first time I feel like my home is 100%. I'm only using these guys from now on.

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Image of linda

Calabasas, CA

Linda G.

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ResponsivenessI would highly recommend Jetsons. They spent extra time to remove stains and our carpet looks like new. We will definitely be using their services in the future!Services: Pet stain & odor removal, General carpet cleaning

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Image of alan

Los Angeles, CA

alan c.

Jetsons cleaned the 23 year old carpets in my home. They look a lot better now. The process of booking them online was easy, the Technician texted me when he was on the way, showed up on time and finished the job without rushing. A very positive transaction.

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